If anyone is feeling adventurous, I am thinking about working on this project for…

If anyone is feeling adventurous, I am thinking about working on this project for the space.  There is a fair amount of printing, assembly, etc. Overall costs are pretty low if we print out own parts. Let me know if anyone is interested. 
See the needed parts below.

Printed Parts Needed:
4  – Corner Block  – Printed by Dave (White ABS) But has some Cracks         
0  – Corner Block Locks  – Printed by Dave (White ABS)
4  – Roller F                      
4  – roller lock      
4  – Roller Motor Mount   
1  – z motor mount    
1  – z nut lock   
2  – Middle Joiner    
4  – Middle Z     
2  – Middle End   
2  – Tool Holder 13mm     
2  – Tool Holder Nut Trap     
1  – Rigid Coupler 5_16 to 5mm    

Mostly Printed CNC / MultiTool by Allted
**WE WON!** It is official. Thank You all for the votes and cooperation.


Mostly Printed CNC / MultiTool

Nice write up, explains this in more detail [ Here](http://www.3ders.org/articles/20150728-ryan-zellars-shares-designs-for-impressive-mostly-3d-printed-reprap-cnc-machine.html)

I set out to build a minimal cost CNC Machine with the goal of…

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  1. I knew a guy on IRC that built one of those, it looks like an actually not so hard project, if you can print all of it, and get the conduit. I'd be down to help. working on some revisions to my 3d printer this week, maybe by this weekend i can get some parts out. are we having any interim meet ups of the hackerspace before the 11th?

  2. Great.  We should coordinate what each of us is printing so there are no duplicates.

    I will aim to start with the 4 each Corner Blocks and 4 each Corner Locks. I'll post the requirements in the text of the main post and cross off what is still needed, printing wise.

  3. Dave, one thing that the library and I have a concern with a device like this is safety.  I proposed an acrylic/plexi-glass enclosure of some sort and they felt that would be suffice.
    Let me know if you need help with some of the non printed materials and I will pitch in.

  4. Sorry it took me a bit to respond.  Kid has been kinda fussy and I've gone back to work.

    I was able to print the 4 x Corner blocks, but for some reason the Temp+Time to Print was too much for my printer on that print and each of the corner blocks have some cracks in them.  I may try to reprint them each separately or see if I can kill the AC to the room.  I was also able to print the 4x Corner Block Locks without issue.

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