Eve Live Viewer Update & Whats to Come..

Good Morning, Afternoon, or Evening Folks!

I just thought I’d give a small update on the status of the App and what I will be doing next with Eve Live Viewer.

First, the app is still “waiting for review”.  These things take time and in truth, I feel bad for any iOS App reviewer that probably has closely examine thousands of Apps each week or month.  I am sure I will see an update around a week, so stay tuned!

For what is coming next, the next version will be 1.1 and I am planning on adding in some new integration.

  • Dotlan Feeds (To be in v1.1) – The first addition I am currently working on is adding Dotlan Feeds into the notifications.  I have already got the development copy bringing in the data fine, all I need to do now is to write the notification code for displaying those feed items clean up the displaying code and add filters.
  • Dotlan Radar (To be in v1.1) – Next, I want to add in Dotlan’s Radar functionality in to Eve Live Viewer.  Doing so, you will be able to use Eve Live Viewer to display your position on the Star Map when you input your Radar ID code from Dotlan.  This will eventually lead to filtering events to areas directly around you (Probably V1.2).  I do not know if this functionality will be in 1.1, but I would love to do it for that version.
  • Historical Killmails – I also want to add a way to display historical kill mails.  It can be annoying when you might miss the mail and want to view the kills that happened.  I am thinking it will be displayed in more of a table-like display and will be based on your current active filters.  Again, I don’t know if this will be in version 1.1.  It depends much on how many bugs there are at release.
  • Better Interfacing with Eve-Kill – Finally, I want to be able to have Eve Live Viewer allow you to click on a player’s name, corp, or alliance and display the Eve-Kill summary data for each on a web browser page or eventually an in-app browser, once Codea adds in the in-app browser functionality.

These are just a few ideas! Timelines are tentative.  I want to do these all as soon as possible, but it is based on when Apple approves of the App, what people suggest, and what other bugs I might find.  If you have any other ideas, feel free to post them here or in the forums!


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