Codea Project – Highlight Menu Class

I just finished up a quick class I made in Codea.  This class allows quick and dynamic creation of text-based menus.  The code can be found on the link below:
Link to Code



The menu class requires several different parameters to setup the new object. To setup a new menu use the following code:
menuName = HighlightMenu(pos,title,ftSize,titleColor,itemColor,hlColor) : Creates a new Menu Object

  • pos = (Vec2) This determines the position of the 1st Menu Option.  For example, vec2(WIDTH/2,HEIGHT/2) will place the 1st Option in the Center of the screen.  All additional objects will be displayed below this location at a distance of pos.y+(ftSize*n); where n = menu position number.
  • title = (String) Sets the title for the menu.
  • ftSize = (Int) Determines the size of the menu options.  The title size is determined by ftSize + 15.
  • titleColor = (Vec3) Sets the Color of the Title.
  • itemColor = (Vec3) Sets the Color of a menu option when not selected.
  • hlColor = (Vec3) Sets the Color of a menu option when it is selected.

menuName:addNew(text,function) : Adds a new Menu Option Object to the Menu Object

  • text = (String) Sets the Text for a button.
  • function = (String) Sets the function to be performed when selected.  This must be a string! A good example of this would be menuName:addNew(“Some Option”,”someOption()”)

menuName:draw() : Draws the Menu and Menu Objects

mainMenu:touched(touch) : Handles the Touch Events for the Menu


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