Da Vinci LittleBigPlanet CPU v2 Release!

I have officially finished programmer, program reader, and CPU for LittleBigPlanet 2! Sorry for the delay, but it was difficult to construct the programmer and I had a major bug in the Shift Registers causing all information to be dropped.

I will post a video and PDF on how to fully use the CPU/Programmer later on in the day as I have to head off for Calculus in a few minutes.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask either here or on PSN msg me at Deamos.

You can find the link to the lbp.me site here!

2 Replies to “Da Vinci LittleBigPlanet CPU v2 Release!”

  1. well i love the idea of this though it seems in ur design u over complicated soem things… could u add me on ps3 and ill show u what i mean… though great idea. not quite sure how to use it but maybe u could show me some thigns to do on it. -> im not a dummy im really good in logic

    1. I appreciate it. First, it is hard not to over complicate things when it gets that complex. I did most of the design in my head at the time. The next version, I am working to simplify much of the logic. I had to drop everything and start over again to support the new branch instructions and the internal programming. Thanks for the comment though! Send me a friend request on PSN: Deamos. I am not on very often as I have a pretty busy RL as well, but I’ll try to catch up with you.

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