LBP Open CPU Project v2 – “Da Vinci” Inbound Soon!

Ok Guys! I just finished with the actual second version of the Microprocessor itself today! I will be code naming it Da Vinci and should have it ready for public release by Saturday or Sunday depending on how quickly I can put together the programming and side loading program executers….

Thats right, You are going to be able to program with this sucker by the time I am done.
Right now, as it stands the updates will be:

14 Instructions
-8 ALU based functions, including Adding, Subtracting, ANDing, ORing, Inverting, XORing, and Shifting Left/Right
-8 Bit Data Width
-4 bit address line (Expandable to 8 bit Address Line, if someone needs a larger CPU)
-8 bit Output
-16 Bytes of RAM
-3 Special Purpose Registers
-2 ALU Registers
-1 Working Register
-The Ability to Write your Own Programs and execute them!

Stack of ALUs in Da Vinci

Again, I plan to be finished with this very soon so keep your eyes open on this blog!

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