GitHub Updated – Codea and Python Projects

Hey folks,

I just wanted to post up that I’ve finally gotten some of my Codea and Python Projects uploaded to GitHub.  While many are still missing documentation, it should be fairly simple to figure out how they work.  I tend to like to include the example files I used to verify functionality.

Some of such projects include:

Codea-DecBinHex-Converter : A simple Codea/Lua Binary, Hex, and Decimal converter library
Codea-Terminal-Text: The previously posted Terminal-Like Text Class for Codea
Codea-Window-Manager: A complete window manager/library for Codea.  Allows you to create simple movable window.
Codea-HighlightMenu: The previously posted simple text menu for Codea
Eve-Online-Market-Twitter-Notifier: A simple Python Twitter Notification program for Eve Online that monitors Eve-Central’s prices and performs an @ reply to the user if a buy/sell threshold is met

I hope this will be useful to someone.  Feel free to post here if you have any questions about them.