Solidoodle 2 Pro / Simplify3D Start & End GCODE

I made a few modifications to the default GCODE for the Solidoodle 2 Pro in Simplify3D. It seems to be working ok so far in Octoprint.


G28 ; home all axes
G1 Z5 F300 ; move platform down 5mm
G1 X145 Y145 F3000 ; move to back right corner
M190 S[bed1_temperature] T1 ;set and wait bed temperature
M109 S[extruder0_temperature] T0; set and wait extruder temperature
G1 Z0.4 ; position nozzle
G92 E0 ; zero extruder
G1 E7 F225 ; extrude anchor
G92 E0 ; zero extruder
G1 X140 Z0.1 E1.0 F1200 ; slow wipe
G1 X135 Z0.25 ; lift


M104 S0 T0 ; turn off extruder
M140 S0 T1 ; turn off bed
G1 Z150 F300 ; lower platform to bottom
G28 X0 Y0 ; home X axis and y axis
M84 ; disable motors

Edit: Just noticed that I had listed the Extruder Preheat as M104 which would only set the temp, not wait for it to reach it. Changed to M109.

Eve Live Viewer for iPad v1.0 is Live in the App Store!

Hey Guys!

Just wanted to say that Eve Live Viewer is now on the Apple App Store and ready for download for free! No Ads, No in-app purchases… Free!

Now that version 1.0 has cleared the store, I have also uploaded v1.3 which includes the Dotlan Radar Functionality and Dotlan RSS Feeds as well as a few other features and optimizations. Look for v1.3 soon!

Eve Live Viewer Update & Whats to Come..

Good Morning, Afternoon, or Evening Folks!

I just thought I’d give a small update on the status of the App and what I will be doing next with Eve Live Viewer.

First, the app is still “waiting for review”.  These things take time and in truth, I feel bad for any iOS App reviewer that probably has closely examine thousands of Apps each week or month.  I am sure I will see an update around a week, so stay tuned!

For what is coming next, the next version will be 1.1 and I am planning on adding in some new integration.

  • Dotlan Feeds (To be in v1.1) – The first addition I am currently working on is adding Dotlan Feeds into the notifications.  I have already got the development copy bringing in the data fine, all I need to do now is to write the notification code for displaying those feed items clean up the displaying code and add filters.
  • Dotlan Radar (To be in v1.1) – Next, I want to add in Dotlan’s Radar functionality in to Eve Live Viewer.  Doing so, you will be able to use Eve Live Viewer to display your position on the Star Map when you input your Radar ID code from Dotlan.  This will eventually lead to filtering events to areas directly around you (Probably V1.2).  I do not know if this functionality will be in 1.1, but I would love to do it for that version.
  • Historical Killmails – I also want to add a way to display historical kill mails.  It can be annoying when you might miss the mail and want to view the kills that happened.  I am thinking it will be displayed in more of a table-like display and will be based on your current active filters.  Again, I don’t know if this will be in version 1.1.  It depends much on how many bugs there are at release.
  • Better Interfacing with Eve-Kill – Finally, I want to be able to have Eve Live Viewer allow you to click on a player’s name, corp, or alliance and display the Eve-Kill summary data for each on a web browser page or eventually an in-app browser, once Codea adds in the in-app browser functionality.

These are just a few ideas! Timelines are tentative.  I want to do these all as soon as possible, but it is based on when Apple approves of the App, what people suggest, and what other bugs I might find.  If you have any other ideas, feel free to post them here or in the forums!


Eve Live Viewer for iPad Preview

Hey guys,

I thought it was time to show off a iOS/iPad Codea project I have been working on for a couple weeks.  Using the new Codea 1.4 http.get() API, I have been able to create a near real time view of events happening in CCP’s Space MMORPG, Eve Online.

Currently, it only pulls in the API Kill mails from, but I plan on expanding it to DotLan Alerts and  even CCP’s own feed.  Also, since this was written in Codea, it means that I have developed this app entirely on the iPad without the use of a Laptop or Desktop.

Here’s a quick video showing the app in action.

GitHub Updated – Codea and Python Projects

Hey folks,

I just wanted to post up that I’ve finally gotten some of my Codea and Python Projects uploaded to GitHub.  While many are still missing documentation, it should be fairly simple to figure out how they work.  I tend to like to include the example files I used to verify functionality.

Some of such projects include:

Codea-DecBinHex-Converter : A simple Codea/Lua Binary, Hex, and Decimal converter library
Codea-Terminal-Text: The previously posted Terminal-Like Text Class for Codea
Codea-Window-Manager: A complete window manager/library for Codea.  Allows you to create simple movable window.
Codea-HighlightMenu: The previously posted simple text menu for Codea
Eve-Online-Market-Twitter-Notifier: A simple Python Twitter Notification program for Eve Online that monitors Eve-Central’s prices and performs an @ reply to the user if a buy/sell threshold is met

I hope this will be useful to someone.  Feel free to post here if you have any questions about them.


Codea – Terminal Text Class

I finally got a chance to release another class library I have been working on for awhile.  This one displays text one character at a time, much like a terminal or typewriter.

Download: Dropbox Link

How to Use


txt=”This is just some example string to be displayed.”
txtColor = vec3(0,0,255)
fntSize = 20
delay = 5
exampleInstance = TerminalText(txt,txtColor,fnt,fntSize,delay,pos,mode,align)

txt: (String) – This is the Text to be displayed.
txtColor: (vec3) – Color the text to to be displayed in. Expressed in Normal (r,g,b) format.
fnt: (String) – This is the font to be used. You can find the value you want by first using font().
fntSize: (Int) –  Size the text to to be displayed.
delay: (Int) – Delay Setting for How Quickly Text Displays.  The larger the integer, the slower it types.
pos: (vec2) – Starting Position of the Text. Depending on Mode/Align, may be Center or the Lower left corner.
mode: (CENTER/CORNER) – Where the text will display in respect to the origin.  CORNER is used if you wish to align left or right.
align: (LEFT, CENTER, RIGHT) – Text alignment if mode is set to CORNER.

exampleInstance = TerminalText(txt,txtColor,fnt,fntSize,delay,pos,mode,align) : Creates the text Instance.

To begin displaying this instance, simply call exampleInstance:draw() until the string is completely displayed.

Once the string is done, the class variable exampleInstance.completed is set to true. You can use this class variable to detect when a specific Terminal Text instance has finished displaying.


Hope this is useful to you!